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Wild Posting 101: All you need to know about wild posting

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Wild Posting 101: All you need to know about wild posting

No doubt you’ve heard the marketing term Wild Posting thrown about. You’ve probably got a good idea of what it is but without all the nuts and bolts. Here’s our ultimate guide to wild posting, one of the most widespread, dynamic and eye-catching guerrilla marketing formats available. In a simple sense, wild posting is placing advertisements in public places. These public places are not your typical billboards though, they may be walls of buildings, construction sites, street light poles, gates of structures, etc. Does it seem familiar to you now? You may have seen several posters while walking down the street, especially during election periods, campaigns, or music concerts.

What is the Purpose of Wild Posting?

The purpose behind wild posting is to draw more attention and make a more significant impact than that of a single poster in a particular location. A lot of people have their views on wild posting and think it is an illegal form of advertising. And which does not require a strategy, target audience, or proper planning. Well, they couldn’t be more misinformed. However, if you run an un-permitted campaign, it could result in getting a cease and desist letter along with disgruntled property owners, and you may have to take the posters down.

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Advantages of Wild Posting

  1. Brand awareness: wild posting helps to create awareness for your brand, especially if you just started and need to reach a large number of people as possible. When passersby see your posters frequently, it naturally creates awareness of your brand and identity.
  2. Target Audience of Pedestrians and Motorists: wild posting helps to get your posters in front of the eyes of pedestrians and motorists. Anyone walking by one of your advertisements will undoubtedly be drawn in by curiosity. And anyone driving by will be able to throw a glance wanting to find out what the posters are all about, especially if there’s a cluster of them in a convenient spot.
  3. Advertising at the most basic level: with wild posting, you get to advertise your posters at the most basic level. That means people who are not connected to the internet or watching specific TV stations can get to see your posters at any time of the day. You also get an impressive Return on Investments (ROI).

How Do You Measure The Effectiveness of Wild Posting?

Measuring the exact number of impressions made by your posters is a bit difficult. However, if you include some contact details, you can get a pretty good idea by the frequency of calls, emails, and text messages you receive. If you are selling a product, you can also determine the effectiveness of the percentage of increase in sales you achieved since you started putting your posters out there.

How to Target Your Audience with Wild Posting

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, wild posting may be seen as an art rather than a science. Most areas that are used in wild posting have lots of space and availability. This is because people pay more attention to your posters if there are fewer distractions or fewer things competing for their attention within the same area.

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Also, in wild posting, it is best to target a location where the majority of the passersby are more likely to patronize you for your services. For example, a laundry or dry cleaning company would paste adverts in a residential neighborhood. A toy company would most likely place adverts in a location where a large percentage of the people are children. A musical concert poster would most likely be placed near artistic instrument shops, neighborhood and street corners where it can be visible to nearly everyone. The ability to target your audience according to the nature of your service produces a broader audience. This means people who see your posters will take more responsive actions.

How Many Locations Do You Need for Wild Posting?

We say, typically, a wild posting campaign may include at least twenty (20) locations. However, for campaigns that require a greater audience and impact, it may consist of up to thirty (30) sites.

How Many Posters Do You Need For a Wild Posting Campaign?

There is no fixed number of posters. It varies, depending on the magnitude of the campaign. Although the minimum amount of posters printed is about 250 copies, this number is equally divided among the target locations, or it can be spread out to create as much presence as possible.

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What Sort of Advertisement Categories Create More Impact With Wild Posting?

According to most observations, production companies are one of the most frequent users of wild posting to promote new movies. A close runner up is the Fashion industry which is quickly followed by the music industry. Since these industries are all based on a form of art, they capture, their audience immediately relates to them with bright posters. That easily captures the essence of their brand and effectively passes that unto passersby.

The Best Designs for Wild Posting

The best type of posters is those with few words and more artwork. Why? For people to take them in at a glance. Your sign should capture the attention of someone who probably has only a couple of seconds to spare for you to convince them to take action on your posters.

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For How Long Can You Keep The Posters Up?

The posters can be kept up for as long as the landlord gives permission or until the landlord decided to remove them. A permitted campaign will be painted over when another campaign begins for another advertiser.

Who Does The Posting?

Vendors do the task of putting posters up. They handle the logistics along with installers who put them up in public places.

How Much Does It Cost?

Cost is probably the part you’ve been wondering about. Wild posting generally costs less than other forms of outdoor advertising like billboards. Typically, wild posting requires about half the price of putting up adverts on a standard billboard. The costs vary with the type of campaign, location, and magnitude of the audience you are trying to reach.

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