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High-quality, versatile flexography printing services for vibrant labels, packaging, and more - perfect for large-scale orders.
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Timeless Flexography techniques to enhance your next printing projects

At 1800 Printing, we take pride in offering our clients cutting-edge Flexography services, a printing technique renowned for its versatility and efficiency. This method employs flexible relief plates that are ideal for printing on a wide array of substrates, including plastic, metallic films, cellophane, and paper. Our state-of-the-art flexographic presses enable high-speed production runs without sacrificing the vibrant quality of the print. This makes our Flexography service particularly attractive to New York businesses seeking to maintain brand consistency across diverse packaging materials.

In the bustling market of New York City, where speed and adaptability are paramount, our Flexography service stands out as a popular choice among enterprises looking to leverage quick turnaround times and cost-effectiveness for large-scale orders. The process's inherent ability to integrate with inline finishing operations – such as die-cutting, laminating or varnishing – streamlines production workflows and accelerates time-to-market for products requiring complex packaging solutions.

Our expertise in color matching and image reproduction ensures that each flexographic print run meets the exacting standards demanded by New York's dynamic business environment. With over two decades of experience in the print industry, 1800 Printing has honed a meticulous approach to Flexography that optimizes both quality and sustainability. By choosing our services, businesses not only benefit from high-quality prints but also contribute to eco-friendly practices due to Flexography's reduced waste profile compared with traditional printing methods.

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What is Flexography?

Flexography is a modern high-speed printing process suitable for a wide variety of substrates and an array of products, utilizing flexible photopolymer printing plates wrapped around rotating cylinders on a web press. The inked plates with a slightly raised image are rotated at high speeds to transfer the image onto the substrate. Flexography employs fast-drying, semi-liquid inks that can be used on non-porous materials, making it ideal for packaging materials such as plastic, foil, acetate film, brown paper, and other materials used in various types of labels and packaging.

At 1800 Printing, we harness the versatility and efficiency of flexography to meet our clients' diverse packaging needs. Our state-of-the-art flexographic presses are capable of producing high-quality prints with excellent color fidelity on a broad range of materials and sizes. We specialize in creating custom labels, flexible packaging, and retail bags that help our clients' products stand out on the shelves while ensuring rapid turnaround times for both large-scale runs and shorter custom jobs.

See what printing products are popular with NYC businesses like yours

Flexible Packaging

High-quality, durable packaging materials for food, pharmaceuticals, and other consumer goods with vibrant graphics and excellent barrier properties.

Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Self-adhesive labels that can be applied to various surfaces, ideal for branding and information on products in numerous industries.

Folding Cartons

Custom printed cartons designed for retail packaging that combine structural integrity with eye-catching print designs.

Corrugated Containers

Rugged shipping boxes and displays featuring high-resolution images that withstand the rigors of transportation and storage.

Retail Bags

Eco-friendly shopping bags made from paper or plastic, offering a wide range of customization options for businesses to promote their brand.

Newspapers and Catalogs

Bulk printing of newspapers and catalogs with fast turnaround times while maintaining consistent quality throughout large runs.

Wallcoverings & Wallpaper

Durable, high-quality wallcoverings with intricate patterns or images suitable for both residential and commercial interiors.

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