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Sublimation Printing

You'll love our sublimation printing finishes

High-quality sublimation printing for vibrant, full-color designs on apparel and merchandise – perfect for custom creations!
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Sublimation Printing

Upgrade your printing projects with sublimation printing

At 1800 Printing, we take pride in offering cutting-edge Sublimation Printing services, a technique that has garnered significant traction among New York's bustling business community. This method involves transferring a design from sublimation paper onto a substrate using heat and pressure, ensuring the ink transitions from solid to gas without passing through a liquid phase. The result is vibrant, full-color images with unparalleled clarity and durability. Our sublimation process utilizes state-of-the-art technology to embed the ink into the very fibers of your chosen material, guaranteeing that each print resists fading and maintains its brilliance even under the rigorous demands of daily use.

Our expertise in Sublimation Printing positions us as an ideal partner for businesses seeking to elevate their branding through high-quality merchandise. Whether it's custom apparel, promotional items or decorative pieces, our prints exhibit a professional finish that stands out in New York's competitive market. The versatility of this printing technique makes it perfect for an array of materials including polyester fabrics and polymer-coated rigid media. We ensure every project is tailored to meet our clients' specifications with precision and efficiency, reflecting their brand identity with sharp detail and rich color palettes.

The popularity of Sublimation Printing among New York enterprises can be attributed to its cost-effectiveness for small batch runs as well as its scalability for larger orders. At 1800 Printing, we understand the dynamic needs of local businesses; thus we offer flexible solutions that cater to both one-off designs and recurring bulk requirements without compromising on quality or turnaround time. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each product not only meets but exceeds the expectations set by New York's innovative business landscape.

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What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing is a digital printing technique that employs heat-sensitive inks to transfer images onto synthetic materials and coatings. This process involves the conversion of solid dye particles into gas using high temperatures, bypassing the liquid state, and then bonding them directly with the fibers of polyester-coated substrates. The result is a seamless integration of the image with the material, yielding vibrant, long-lasting prints that are resistant to fading and cracking.

At 1800 Printing, we harness sublimation printing to offer our clients custom-printed products with exceptional clarity and color saturation. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures precision in transferring intricate designs onto a variety of items including apparel, signage, and promotional merchandise. We specialize in creating durable prints that maintain their quality through extensive use and washing cycles, providing our customers with professional-grade printed goods tailored to their specific needs.

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Custom Sublimated T-Shirts

Durable and vibrant custom t-shirts featuring high-quality, full-color images that are heat-pressed into the fabric for a long-lasting finish.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

Create your own personalized coffee mugs with photo-quality prints that wrap around the mug for a unique gift or promotional item.

Customized Mouse Pads

Design your own mouse pads with sharp, vivid images that are perfect for corporate branding or personal use.

Sublimated Phone Cases

Dress up your smartphone with a custom-printed case featuring stunning graphics that resist scratching and fading.

Photo Panels & Plaques

Elegant home decor items such as photo panels and plaques that showcase brilliant, high-definition photos on sturdy substrates.

Sports Jerseys & Apparel

Create professional-looking sports jerseys and apparel with vibrant, full-color team logos and player names that won't crack or peel off.

Promotional Polyester Bags & Totes

Eco-friendly polyester bags and totes customized with colorful logos or artwork perfect for trade shows, events, or retail merchandising.

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