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In a world where we are bombarded with advertisements 24/7, most ad creative tend to get cast to our peripheral vision. At 1800 Printing, we go out of our way to make sure this doesn’t happen to your creative. Our wheatpaste posters stand out from the crowd and offer your brand the visibility it deserves. Get your posters printed on 100 lb. paper in the following sizes – 18’’x72’’, 24’’x36 and 48’’x72’’. What’s more, you can opt for same day printing. Read on to know whether pasting your posters on your city’s walls is the right way to go for your business, and the benefits you accrue from this marketing tool.

5 Reasons to Opt for Wheatpaste Posters®

Wheatpaste posters in USA provide brands with an effective tool to get exposure for their products and services. Listed below are five reasons why wheatpaste posters should be in your marketing quiver this year.

  1. Location, location, location!

We know your audience is online (all the time) but they’re also bombarded by ads all the time. We suggest catching, scratch that, grabbing their interest when they’re walking down the street passing by their favorite local deli or coffee shop. Unlike a phone or computer, the audience has no choice but to view your ad. They cannot close the screen, and that makes outdoor advertisement so great. People notice it getting a lot of eyeballs on the poster. It’s all about location and we think with the oversaturated online space, offline advertisement is the breath of fresh air that your consumers might be looking for. You can get permission from property owners to paste your posters on their walls, storefronts or construction sites. Otherwise, they could get tagged or torn off the walls.

Another great thing about wheatpaste posters is you can pin down the exact location to put your posters up. You can choose walls that are located close to restaurants and malls that your target audience visits frequently. You can choose specific locations that get you maximum interest.

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  1. Creativity Knows No Bounds

While developing wheatpaste posters, you can really let your creativity flow. From Avant-garde larger than life designs to powerful messages, we bring street cred to your posters. While wheatpaste posters can help stir emotions in people getting them to connect with the brand, clever messaging and crystal clear call-to-actions get them on board to purchase your product or attend your event. Get creative and create small size 24 inches by 36 inches’ posters. Place them next to each other and stitch a new design that catches the eye. If you’re not sure where to begin, give us a call and we’ll help you get started. Ordering posters with us is a simple process. All you have to do is design your wheatpaste poster, upload it on our website and boom, your order is placed. We provide same day delivery and up to 5 days of delivery time.

  1. Campaign Timeline: From Start to Finish

A new product launch or an event announcement requires a series of mini campaigns within a campaign. Each mini campaign requires a different creative but with the same tone running through the entire campaign. From creating a buzz about a product and launching it to creating awareness and maintaining interest, and instilling trust and confidence with testimonials, the posters can be designed to complement marketing strategies throughout the product lifecycle.

Wheatpasting® Posters Nyc 4

Wheatpasting® Posters

  1. Return on Investment

For the amount of value and exposure they provide, wheat paste posters give you a high return on your investment. Depending on the quantity, turnaround time and size of the posters, your prices will vary. However, you are assured the quality of the paper and print will be top notch. If you’re not sure about the design or whether this is the way to go for your brand, consider ordering one of our Sample Packs filled with our most popular cardstocks and finishes.

  1. Effective Outdoor Advertisement

Outdoor advertisement has long been an effective tool for small, medium and large enterprises to market their brand. Wheatpasting® is a brilliant form of outdoor marketing, where the exposure is continuous. By pasting the posters strategically in a specific area, you make sure people see your message constantly. The constant reminder over the course of a few days can help turn passersby into customers. It also helps serve as a reminder to current and past customers helping in retaining them or bringing them back to the business.

Wheatpasting® is great to stir the marketing pot and create a buzz around your brand, launch a product or spread the word on the streets about your event. From local artists to big businesses, everyone can benefit from this effective marketing strategy. Shout it from the streets – your brand is here to stay!

Order your next batch of wheatpaste posters from us and make use of same-day printing. We offer free nationwide shipping on all our products using trusted UPS couriers. If you have any questions contact us here or call us toll-free on 1800-774-6846.

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