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Printing Tips

CMYK or RGB for Print?

Imagine you've snapped the perfect photo for your new coffee…
John Hardy Made For Legends

Tips for Perfect Wheatpaste Posters®

Looking to start a wheatpasting advertising campaign? We print &…
Poster Printing Nyc 3

5 Reasons to Opt for Wheatpaste Posters®

In a world where we are bombarded with advertisements 24/7,…

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Digital Vs Offset Printing

Digital, Offset or Giclée Print?

When getting any material printed for your business or personal…
Fashion Lookbook Design 5.jpg

Perfect Lookbook Printing This Fashion Week

In 2016, 'LOOKBOOK' became one of the most searched fashion…
Saddle Stitch Binding New York 1.jpg

Saddle Stitch Binding or Perfect Binding: Which Binding Style is right for you?

There are many choices available to bind your booklet in…
Booklet Catalog Printing 5

How & Why You Should Use Booklets in Your Print Marketing Strategy

Booklets are amazing. Whether you are running a campaign for…
Flyer Printing Nyc 3

5 Easy Steps to Create A Memorable Flyer Design

Flyers, flyers, flyers. An inexpensive but highly effective tool in…
Javits Center New York City 1800 Printing

Trade Show Printing: Javits Center in New York City

Trade shows are perfect avenues to promote business and network,…
Blueprinting Printing Nyc 2.jpg

All You Need to Know about Blueprint Printing

Whether you are building or renovating a property, your contractor…
Wheatpaste Posters® 7

How to Run Wheatpasting® Campaigns and Not Be Arrested!

Looking to start a wheatpasting advertising campaign? We print &…
Wheatpasting® X5

Wheat Paste: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

This year is all about turning up the volume on…
Wheatpasting® Wild

Wheatpasting® 101: All you need to know about wheatpasting

Looking to start a wheatpasting advertising campaign? We print &…
Menu Printing 3.jpg

Use Your Restaurant Takeout Menus As a Marketing Weapon

Takeout is a great way to expand your business and…
Invitation Greeting Card Mock Up Freebie.jpg

5 Invitation Designs you won’t believe are free

Invitations and greeting cards are the timeheld traditional communication tool…
Javits Center 3.jpg

Trade Show Collateral Checklist

Trade shows offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand…
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We here at 1800 Printing join the world in strongly…
Blog Post

COVID-19 Free Handwashing Poster & Resources

New York is facing a truly unprecendented situation. The Coronavirus…