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Custom perforation services for easy tear-off tickets, coupons, and forms - precise and professional results at 1800 Printing.
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Upgrade your printing projects with perforation effects

At 1800 Printing, we take pride in offering an array of specialized printing services tailored to the dynamic needs of New York businesses. Among these, perforation stands out as a functional and aesthetic feature that adds a layer of professionalism and convenience to printed materials. Our perforation service involves creating a series of small holes or cuts in paper or card stock, facilitating effortless separation of two sections. This technique is not only practical but also enhances the user experience by enabling easy detachment of coupons, tickets, business reply cards, or any other component designed for removal.

The demand for our perforation service has surged among New York's bustling commercial landscape where efficiency and presentation are paramount. Local enterprises leverage this effect to elevate their marketing collateral—think event passes that double as mementos or mailers with tear-off response sections. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures precision in every perforated line we create, resulting in clean tears without compromising the integrity of the remaining material. The meticulous attention to detail we employ reflects the high standards expected by our clientele.

Understanding that time is a commodity for New York businesses, our team streamlines the production process without sacrificing quality. We work closely with clients to customize the perforation pattern according to their specific requirements—be it micro-perforations for a subtle finish or standard perforations for more robust applications. By integrating this service into their print products, companies across various industries have found an effective way to engage customers and streamline operations simultaneously—a testament to the versatility and popularity of our expertly executed perforation service.

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What is Perforation?

Perforation refers to the process of creating a series of small holes or cuts in a material, typically paper or cardstock, to allow for easy separation. This technique involves puncturing the material with a tool or machine called a perforator, which can be configured to produce a specific pattern of perforations. The resulting line of perforations facilitates tearing along a predetermined path with precision and minimal effort, ensuring a clean edge. Perforation is commonly used in applications such as ticketing, coupons, postage stamps, and detachable forms.

At 1800 Printing, we employ state-of-the-art perforation technology to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of our clients' printed materials. Our expertise allows us to customize the perforation pattern according to client specifications for various projects including event tickets, promotional coupons, business forms with removable sections, and direct mail pieces that require an interactive element. We ensure that each perforated product maintains structural integrity while providing an effortless tear-off experience for the end-user.

See what printing products are popular with New York businesses like yours

Raffle Tickets

Customizable raffle tickets with perforation for easy separation and secure tracking of entries for events and fundraisers.

Coupon Booklets

Personalized coupon booklets featuring perforated sections allowing customers to neatly tear out individual offers.

Event Tickets

Professionally printed event tickets with a perforated stub for attendee verification and as a keepsake.

Billing Statements

Detailed billing statements with a perforated payment slip to facilitate quick and accurate processing of payments.

Loyalty Cards

Pocket-sized loyalty cards with a perforated key tag that can be easily detached and used for customer rewards programs.

Appointment Reminders

Convenient appointment reminder cards with a perforation line, making it simple for clients to keep their upcoming appointment details handy.

Folded Leaflets/Menus

Foldable leaflets or menus designed with a clean tear-off section, perfect for promotions or feedback forms that customers can return.

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