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Saddle Stitching

You'll love our saddle stitching finishes

High-quality saddle stitching services for booklets and catalogs with fast turnaround and precision finishing at 1800 Printing NYC.
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Saddle Stitching

Upgrade your printing projects with saddle stitching effects

At 1800 Printing, we take pride in offering our clients the highly sought-after saddle stitching service, a binding technique that has become a staple for New York businesses seeking professional presentation of their printed materials. This method involves inserting staples through the fold line of gathered sheets to create a secure and neat booklet. Our state-of-the-art machinery ensures precision placement and folding, resulting in a crisp, clean finish that enhances readability and durability. Saddle stitching is ideal for multi-page products such as catalogs, brochures, and magazines, providing an economical yet elegant solution for companies aiming to make an impactful statement with their print collateral.

Our expertise in this area is evident through the meticulous attention to detail we apply during the production process. We calibrate our equipment to handle various paper stocks and sizes, ensuring versatility without compromising on quality. The popularity of saddle stitching among New York's diverse business landscape can be attributed to its scalability; whether producing small quantities for niche markets or large runs for widespread distribution, our service accommodates all demands with unwavering excellence.

Understanding the dynamic nature of New York's commercial environment, we continuously refine our saddle stitching offerings to meet the evolving needs of our clientele. From selecting robust threads that withstand frequent handling to advising on optimal page counts that guarantee seamless binding – every aspect is tailored to elevate your printed project above the competition. Trust 1800 Printing's two decades of technical prowess in print craftsmanship to deliver saddle-stitched materials that resonate with sophistication and practicality.

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What is Saddle Stitching?

Saddle stitching is a binding technique commonly used in the printing industry to assemble booklets, catalogs, magazines, and brochures. This method involves inserting staples through the fold line of gathered sheets of paper, which have been collated in page sequence. The staples pass through the crease from the outside and are clinched between the centermost pages. Saddle stitching is an efficient and cost-effective method for binding documents that have a relatively low page count.

At 1800 Printing, we utilize saddle stitching to provide our clients with high-quality printed materials that require a professional finish and durable binding. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows for precise folding and stapling, ensuring each booklet is neatly assembled with a clean aesthetic. We cater to custom orders ranging from small pamphlets to multi-page catalogs, offering flexible print runs tailored to our clients' specific needs while maintaining quick turnaround times.

See what printing products are popular with New York businesses like yours

Brochures and Pamphlets

These are multi-page documents that are printed on high-quality paper, folded, and then stapled along the spine for a professional finish.

Event Programs

Saddle-stitched booklets provide a sleek way to guide attendees through the schedule and features of events such as theater performances, weddings, or conferences.

Product Catalogs

Catalogs showcase products with images and descriptions, making them easy to browse through thanks to the convenient saddle-stitch binding.

Company Newsletters

A regular publication for employees or customers that includes company news, updates, and articles can be easily distributed when saddle stitched.

Comic Books

Saddle stitching is ideal for short-run comic books or zines due to its cost-effectiveness and straightforward production process.

Educational Booklets

Educational materials such as workbooks or instructional guides benefit from saddle stitching as it allows them to lay flat when open for easy reference.


Durable and easy-to-clean menus for restaurants or cafes can be produced with saddle stitching, providing a neat presentation of dining options.

Photo Booklets

Create personal keepsakes or professional portfolios with photo booklets that use saddle stitching for a clean look without the need for a full hardcover binding.

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