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Edge Paint

Fall in love with our edge paint finishing

Add a pop of color to your cards with our premium Edge Paint service – perfect for standout business and invitation cards!
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Edge Paint

Upgrade your business cards with edge paint effects

At 1800 Printing, we take pride in bringing innovative and eye-catching printing solutions to the bustling market of New York City. One such service that has captured the attention of discerning businesses is our Edge Paint effect. This technique adds a stroke of color to the edges of your printed materials, creating a bold and sophisticated look that stands out in a sea of standard prints.

Edge Paint isn't just about aesthetics; it's about making an impression that lasts. When you hand someone a business card or an invitation with painted edges, it speaks volumes about your brand's commitment to quality and attention to detail. It's no wonder this service has gained popularity among New York businesses looking to elevate their branding.

Our Edge Paint service offers a spectrum of colors to match your company's palette or event theme, ensuring every piece resonates with your intended message. The vibrant edges catch the light and draw eyes, giving your printed materials an extra dimension of professionalism.

In New York City, where competition is fierce and first impressions are crucial, our Edge Paint effect provides an edge in visual appeal. Whether networking at events or engaging with customers, businesses equipped with our edge-painted products enjoy the benefits of memorable interactions.

Choose 1800 Printing for Edge Paint services—where quality meets innovation—to give your print materials the standout finish they deserve.

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What is Edge Paint?

Edge paint refers to the specialized process of applying a colored coating to the edges of paper products, such as business cards, invitations, or stationery. This technique enhances the aesthetic appeal and adds a distinctive, premium finish to printed materials. The edge paint is carefully applied after cutting and can be matched in a wide range of colors to complement the design or corporate branding. It is particularly effective on thicker card stocks where the edges are more visible and can make a bold statement.

At 1800 Printing, we utilize edge paint as part of our bespoke finishing services for clients seeking to elevate their printed materials. Our expert technicians apply precision and attention to detail when adding this luxurious feature, ensuring consistent color application and seamless integration with the overall design. We offer an extensive palette of edge paint colors and can provide custom color matching to meet specific brand requirements, delivering a sophisticated touch that sets our clients' print products apart.

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Edge Painted Business Cards

Add a pop of color to your networking tools with these premium business cards featuring vibrantly painted edges for a standout look.

Custom Edge Painted Invitations

Make your event invitations truly memorable with elegant edge painting, giving them a luxurious and bespoke finish.

Edge Painted Stationery Sets

Elevate your personal or professional correspondence with stationery sets that feature meticulously applied edge paint for an exquisite touch.

Edge Painted Postcards

Differentiate your direct mail campaigns or personal postcards with eye-catching edge paint that captures attention the moment they're pulled from the mailbox.

Luxury Edge Painted Hang Tags

Create high-end hang tags for clothing or products, where the colored edges add sophistication and brand value at first glance.

Artistic Edge Painted Bookmarks

Merge functionality with art by offering bookmarks enhanced with vibrant edge painting, perfect for book lovers seeking a unique marker.

Bespoke Edge Painted Menus

Ideal for restaurants and events looking to impress guests, these menus feature beautifully painted edges that complement their design aesthetic.

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