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Die Cut Business Cards

enhance your design with die cutting

1800-printing offers quality die cutting services at very competitive prices. our professional staff and cutting-edge facilities shall give your products a unique, entirely customized shape, which is designed and printed in accordance with your needs and demands.

whether you want a business card with rounded corners, a brochure in a particular geometric shape or a more elaborate ornament to be stitched on a bigger piece – we can do it all for you! our die cutting machines are flexible and capable of producing even the most unusual, sophisticated shapes you can imagine. you won’t believe it?

die cutting machines

in die cutting, dies are metal-shaped objects with a raised, sharp area for cutting. they are similar in appearance and effect to cookie cutters – the shape of the die is the shape that will get cut out on your paper. there are a few different types of dies. steel-rule dies are sharp and protected with foam or plastic material (for your safety). they are typically more durable as they are designed for cutting thicker materials, or multiple cuts all at once. thin metal dies are not as sharp and can’t cut quite as thick of materials as steel-rule dies can. they look more like your traditional cookie cutter- a metal shape, without any surrounding foam or plastic and are lighter and easier to store. dies come in a wide array of sizes and styles – from circles and squares, to intricate lacy ones, animals, words. with so many dies to choose from, there’s a die for every purpose and occasion.

historically, however, dies were used to stamp or impress objects like coins. by definition, dies are engraved stamps for impressing designs upon a softer material. today, in manufacturing, we use dies to create all sorts of products, from small items like paperclips to complex printed pieces.

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