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How Do I Re-Order?

Re-Order any of your previous print jobs in a few clicks! Directly from your account on 1800-Printing.

Step 1 – Login to Your Account

Visit the My Account page which is accessed using the ‘Login’ link on the top main menu of this page or by visiting:

You would have created login details when you made your first order with us. If you cannot remember these details, a password reset can be initiated from this page.

Step 2 – Re-Order From the Orders Tab

From inside your Account use the left-side menu to select “Orders”. This tab will list all your previous orders and the dates they were made. Next to each order is a green “Re-Order” button which you can select to order the same run once again.

Clicking Re-Order will redirect you to the Cart page with your previous job’s products, details and artwork included. From there you can edit the product/quantity if you wish then follow the prompts to make your payment and begin the re-order.