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Edge Foil

Discover our edge foil effects

Add a touch of luxury to your prints with our Edge Foil service – premium, eye-catching metallic edges for standout business cards and invitations.
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Edge Foil

Upgrade your business cards with edge foil effects

Imagine holding a business card that gleams at the edges, catching the light and everyone's attention. That's the magic of our Edge Foil printing service. This technique adds a metallic strip to the sides of paper products, creating a luxurious border that stands out. It's not just about sparkle; it's about making a statement.

In New York City, where impressions are everything, Edge Foil has become a favorite among savvy businesses. They know that in this bustling metropolis, you need every advantage to rise above the noise. Our Edge Foil service provides that edge—quite literally—turning ordinary cards and invitations into extraordinary conversation starters.

Our expertise ensures that each piece we produce with Edge Foil is crafted with precision and care. We understand how important it is for New York businesses to present themselves with elegance and professionalism. With over two decades in the printing industry, we've honed our skills to provide you with an exceptional product that reflects your company's quality and style.

Choose our Edge Foil service for your next project, and watch as your printed materials transform from simple paper to stunning works of art that capture the essence of your brand—and capture the attention of your audience in New York City.

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What is Edge Foil?

Edge foil, also known as gilded edges or edge gilding, is a specialized finishing technique used in the printing industry to apply a thin layer of metallic or pigmented foil to the edges of paper stock, typically on business cards, invitations, book pages, and other premium printed materials. This process involves precisely applying heat and pressure to transfer the foil from a carrier onto the paper's edge, creating a distinctive and luxurious appearance that enhances aesthetic appeal and perceived value.

At 1800 Printing, we leverage our expertise in edge foiling to provide our clients with high-end customization options for their printed products. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and meticulous craftsmanship honed over two decades in the industry, we ensure precision application of edge foil that aligns seamlessly with our clients' design specifications. Our commitment to quality ensures that each project reflects sophistication and professionalism, making their printed materials stand out in today's competitive market.

See what printing products are popular with New York businesses like yours

Edge Foil Business Cards

These premium business cards feature a striking metallic edge foil that adds a touch of elegance and ensures your brand stands out.

Edge Foil Invitations

Create an unforgettable first impression for your event with invitations that boast a luxurious edge foil finish, perfect for weddings, galas, and exclusive events.

Edge Foil Greeting Cards

Add a festive shimmer to your greeting cards with edge foil detailing that makes every occasion feel extra special.

Edge Foil Postcards

Elevate your direct mail campaigns with postcards enhanced by eye-catching edge foil accents that capture attention instantly.

Edge Foil Certificates

Celebrate achievements and milestones with certificates featuring sophisticated edge foil borders, giving them an added level of prestige.

Edge Foil Bookmarks

Durable and stylish bookmarks finished with a unique edge foil design make the perfect gift for book lovers and promotional giveaways.

Edge Foil Presentation Folders

Presentation folders with an elegant edge foil lining not only organize documents but also convey a professional image for your business or proposal.

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