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There are many choices available to bind your booklet in a manner that not only makes them attractive but also enhances their reader’s experience. Saddle stitch and perfect binding are the two most commonly used binding methods for booklets. Saddle stitching is achieved by stapling multiple pages together along the fold. In perfect binding, you glue together a number of sheets together along a spine. The binding choice for your booklet will dramatically change its look as well as reading experience. So which of these methods would be right for your project?

When to use Saddle Stitch Binding

Saddle stitching is perfect for periodicals, magazines, catalogs, etc. This method is used to bind booklets that are eight pages or higher. But there is a limitation on the number of pages. This limitation is mostly due to a phenomenon called “page creep”. This phenomenon refers to the tendency of inner sheets to stick out farther than the ones at the outer edge. So, to avoid “creep” the pages need to be trimmed down, and the middle pages tend to be narrower than the rest.


  • Less expensive
  • Fast process
  • The booklet will lie relatively flat when open
  • Can use a self-cover or a separate cover can be printed


  • This method cannot handle rough usage
  • Doesn’t last long
  • The spine isn’t printable
  • Thicker pages cannot be bound by this technique

When to use Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is used for large catalogs, books, directories or brochures which have a high page count. The finished product is aesthetically more pleasing than most other binding methods, but it comes at a price. This kind of binding doesn’t have the “page creep” problem as saddle stitching and thus the quality and look of the finished product are better.


  • Professional look and appeal
  • The spine is printable
  • This binding method has more longevity than saddle stitching


  • Does not lay flat when open
  • Turnaround time is high
  • It is relatively expensive

There is a small space where both of these options might work for you, but it is again limited to certain paper thickness. We at 1800-Printing will help you chose the right binding technique for your project. Just get in touch with us with your requirements and our experts will clear out any of your doubts. Our printing and binding equipment is state of the art and will produce a high-quality finished product. Connect with us today for all your printing needs in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey.


Saddle Stitch Binding | 1800-PrintingSaddle Stitch Binding | 1800-Printing

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