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Model Comp Card Printing

comp card printing services

1800-printing has the best customer services for models and modeling agencies in need of composite card printing services. in the industry, these cards are known by a plethora of names; composite cards, model cards, zed cards or headshots. they are indispensable to models, actors, and actresses. our company also delivers these cards in the standard 5.5″ and 8.5″ headshots on luxurious glossy photo paper stocks.

first impressions count. they are the key to attracting the attention of agents and casting directors.1800-printing can provide folded comp cards, c-print quality comp cards, and laminated headshots with a beautiful glossy finish. one of our professional, talented graphic designers will work with you to design the perfect agency comp card to stand out among the others. if you require our design and layout service for your cards, contact us today. we can also deliver with quick turnaround times.

1800-printing comp cards include horizontal and vertical comp cards, fitness and gym model comp cards, latin model zed cards, plus model comp cards, children casting tags and sample 8×10″ headshots.

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headshot printing

a head shot contains the photos of the actor or model with a focus on just their face; highlighting the facial features. typically, these headshots will also include the upper body or shoulders giving the agencies and talent scouts an easier job to distinguish the subject from the other models or actors they are looking through.

these headshots can often be the first point of call for the agency so it’s important to make them stand out. 1800-printing offers the industry standard 8×10″ headshot size printed on 15pt card stock for a luxurious feel. typically, headshots are one sided showing the model and name and contact phone number. if you want yours to stand out, contact us to get a quote on extra information or shots printed on the backside as well.

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