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At 1800 Printing, we take pride in offering our clients the sophisticated and impactful duplexing service. Duplexing is the artful process of bonding two sheets of paper together, creating a double-layered effect that exudes quality and durability. This technique is particularly popular among discerning New York businesses that aim to make a statement with their printed materials. The added thickness and heft provided by duplexing not only enhance the tactile experience but also offer an elevated level of prestige to business cards, invitations, and corporate brochures.

Our expertise in duplexing allows us to meticulously align two sheets with precision, ensuring a seamless finish that stands out in the competitive New York market. The process involves careful selection of paper stocks that complement each other in texture and color, providing endless possibilities for customization. As a result, our clients benefit from a product that truly represents their brand's essence through superior craftsmanship. Duplexed items are not just printed materials; they are conversation starters that resonate with both potential customers and business partners alike.

In an environment where first impressions are paramount, our duplexing service offers businesses an edge. It's no surprise that this printing effect has gained traction among New York's elite circles where standing out is not just desired but necessary for success. By choosing 1800 Printing for your duplexing needs, you're investing in more than just print; you're embracing an opportunity to showcase your brand with confidence and style – qualities synonymous with the city itself.

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What is Duplexing?

Duplexing is a printing process that allows for automatic printing on both sides of a sheet of paper. This technique can be performed in two primary ways: auto duplexing, where the printer automatically refeeds the paper to print on the reverse side, and manual duplexing, where the user must reinsert the paper manually to print on the opposite side. Duplexing is an essential feature in both inkjet and laser printers designed for office and professional environments, as it maximizes efficiency and reduces paper consumption by effectively utilizing both sides of the print medium.

At 1800 Printing, we leverage advanced duplexing capabilities to provide our clients with high-quality double-sided prints for a variety of products including brochures, booklets, postcards, and business documents. Our state-of-the-art printers ensure precise alignment and consistent image quality on both sides of each page. By utilizing duplex printing, we help our clients save on material costs and support their sustainability goals by reducing paper waste without compromising on professional output.

See what printing products are popular with New York businesses like yours

Double-Sided Business Cards

These professional cards feature your contact information and branding on both sides, maximizing space for design and details.

Bi-Fold Brochures

A bi-fold brochure printed on both sides allows for an engaging narrative about your products or services, with ample room for images and text.


Duplex postcards offer the opportunity to feature a striking image or graphic on one side while providing information or promotional content on the reverse.

Event Programs

These booklets provide schedules, participant details, and other event information printed across multiple double-sided pages for attendee convenience.

Greeting Cards

Create personalized messages with a duplex greeting card that has artwork on the front and space for writing inside.


A duplex newsletter allows organizations to communicate updates, stories, and news in a compact format with content visible on every page turn.

Coupons & Vouchers

Duplex printing enables businesses to offer promotional deals with eye-catching designs that include terms and conditions without sacrificing aesthetics.

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