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Menu Printing

custom menu printing

does your restaurant offer food delivery? would you like to distribute your menu to new customers? do you want to have a high quality lunch menu with a beautiful finish? at 1800 printing we offer a full range of cheap menu printing options. if you want to restaurant menu printing, including take-away menus, pizza pamphlets,  flyers, posters or contact magnets, our location in the heart of new york will prepare them for you as soon as possible.

choose from a variety of waterproof and durable solutions, such as lamination, to ensure the long life of your restaurant menu and attract your customers with color prints of your dishes. send us your design or ask one of our graphic designers to prepare a special menu for you. check out the menu items below and send us an order today to have your prints ready for tomorrow!

plastic menus

plastic menus are created using synthetic plastic paper. this material is naturally tear resistant and waterproof, making it the ideal material for menus, placemat menus and other restaurant printing requirements that require a reusable, high strength product with rich and vibrant colors. restaurant menus must resist adverse conditions such as heat, liquids, wear and food and drink stains. synthetic menus last much longer than traditional paper menus and their plastic shape provides a rich color impression.

synthetic plastic menus are a longer-lasting alternative to traditional laminated paper menus and offer higher print quality. synthetic menus are light and flexible, and inks for images and text are printed crystal-clear on synthetic plastic paper. ideal for one-page menus, multi-page menu books or carpets.

if you need a design for your synthetic menu, contact one of our talented designers who will work with you to create the perfect menu design. we have extensive experience printing menus and restaurants throughout new york city, one of the busiest dining areas in the world.

laminated menus

laminated menus can be printed for protection against damage. restaurant owners can laminate their menu covers to protect prints from dirt, dust, moisture and uv rays. lamination will make menu prints durable. this allows restaurant owners to use the laminated menus for a long period of time. the menus can be in non-standard sizes, they can help your business make a great impression. ideal for restaurants, cafes and local businesses, the menu is small enough to fit in the customer’s bag or drawer and large enough to include the product description, images and prices.

it is very important to use laminated menu printing services to improve and maintain the quality of your menu printing. the printed menus are not only a list of food and prices, but also the overall image of a particular restaurant. printing laminated menus with an attractive design will attract more consumers to order products in your restaurant.

lamination also makes the menus elegant and presentable. the quality of the colors and images printed on the menu prints can be improved and saved with the laminated menu print. thanks to the attractive graphic design and high print quality, more and more people will be attracted and encouraged to order products at a particular restaurant.

placemat menus

placemat menus will speed up the workflow in busy restaurants. let’s be realistic – nobody likes cleaning, so why not speed up the cleaning process in a bar or restaurant with a placemat menu. besides being practical, they have a lot to offer. with the help of the placemat, your customers come in, and the menu is already in front of them, and when they leave, the cleaning is much easier, because the menu absorbs spillage or mess and gets rid of them immediately.

as a dedicated restaurant printer in nyc, we fully understand your needs and have been providing specialist printing services for over 18 years. printed on glued paper, our placemats leave no trace when your table is wet. and we use lightweight paper 80mg thick so you can wrinkle it into a very small ball when you throw it in the bin. the kids in your restaurant will love the coloring and the games on the back of the placemats. and we’ll help you decide what’s going on, and even add custom graphics or characters if necessary.

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cheap menu printing nyc

disposable menus

many state governments require restaurants to use disposable menus to help protect canteens from the proliferation of coronavirus. disposable menus are the safest option for restaurants as they can be purchased in bulk and recycled after each use, ensuring there are no points of contact between customers.

quickly create and update disposable menus so you can reopen your doors. disposable models do not mean poor print quality. the printing process produces a large, colourful, high resolution look that will keep your brand looking sharper than ever. disposable menus are lightweight paper as a measure of economy. and we strongly recommend that you process as much paper as possible (without a food barrier). the disposable menu may be slightly different from your typical lunch menu view as it is limited to one sheet. many restaurants are cutting costs by temporarily offering a limited menu. if you have a large menu, try a larger paper size than usual, such as a tabloid (11 x 17 inches) printed on both sides. also think about carrying drinks, baby food, desserts and other items to the table tent (plastic holders can be disinfected after each service), a disposable insert or a touch screen menu.

need assembly help? our customer support team will help you adapt your current menu to your disposable design for free. go to the chat room and we’ll get started! for local businesses and restaurants open to business, we are here to help with individually printed disposable menus. choose from a wide range of disposable menus, including one-page, two-sided, three-stroke menus and more! our disposable menu options include:

disposable paper menus – let us help you select the best paper options for your business
– single page, double-sided and tri-folded menus.
– export, delivery and restaurant menu.
– order as many menus as you need and take advantage of our simple pricing options.

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