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Fnancial Report Printing

eddm® campaign printing & sending

every door direct mail, known as eddm, is a popular targeted advertising technique from usps. using the usps mapping tools, you can select an audience to target by income, household size, age and location allowing you to specifically target the best customers for your business, current and future. eddm involves printed flyers or postcards which are then delivered to your target audience’s mailboxes for perfect, direct advertising.

1800-printing handles your entire eddm project start to finish. talk to our team about designing your advertising postcards, then choose from our packages below to let 1800-printing handle the entire process, you won’t even need to go to the post office! we will handle the printing, stamps, postage and get your postcards to your customer’s doors.

85% of customers in a 5 mile radius

according to a recent bizreport, up to 85% of small business customers come from a 5-mile radius. with eddm, you can reach every single household in your market in just a few clicks. you can search by geographic location, or add demographic filters such as age, income, home ownership, and more to refine your search. each eddm offer is placed into the mailbox as a stand alone and separate mailpiece for maximum visibility. no other form of direct marketing guarantees that recipients will interact with your message at such an affordable rate. with eddm, you can avoid “race to the bottom” price wars associated with shared mail advertising.

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