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Fnancial Report Printing

direct mail postcard printing

improve your marketing strategy and surprise your customers with direct mail postcard printing. at 1800-printing we offer not only high quality direct mail postcard printing but also quick and low-cost delivery to your clients. let us take the reigns on your next campaign. choose one of our three programs, apply below on our quote form and we will design your artwork, print your mailing, prepare and execute a strategy that will suit best your business model.

direct mail is one of the most effective ways to gain new clients and to build a long term relationship with them. at 1800-printing we offer 3 mailing programs that allow you to target your chosen area, choose the preferred mailing format and send a personalized message to your customers.

business marketing with postcard printing

direct-mail postcard campaigns are one of the most economical ways to drive response and earn an above-average return on investment. plus, they actually work, evident by the fact that even the largest companies that have budget constraints continue to rely on postcard marketing to attract new customers and bring long-time customers back through the door. here are a few direct-mail postcard printing trends today that work.

like all promotional pieces, effective direct-mail postcards include a great offer and a call to action to motivate customers to take the next step in the purchasing process. this could be as simple as a free download in exchange for an e-mail address, a buy-one-get-one-free offer or something else entirely. get to know your customers well so you can identify with their needs, concerns and desires; and you’ll be on the right track the next time you launch a direct-mail postcard campaign. don’t forget to record the results!

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